Recognizing the Problem of Gambling Addiction

If you’re a poker player who enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes from pulling off a successful hand, the idea of gambling may seem a little strange. However, in the world of online poker, you can bet or place a wager on anything. Online gamblers need not worry about dealing with the hassle of betting personally as their bets are placed by online bookmakers using the Internet. For example, if you wanted to stake a bet on the favorite team to win the game, you can easily do so by placing a bet on the New York Giants. All you need to do is to log on to the website of the online poker company, pay the required money and place your bet.


Online gamblers face the same risks that are faced by traditional gamblers. There are certain risks involved, such as possibility of losing big amounts of money, and there are also chances of getting cheated. However, since the number of players and the variety of games available online is much higher than in land-based casinos, chances of getting cheated are also very less. In fact, online gamblers make up for this by enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with gambling. Adolescent gambling is one of the most popular examples of online gambling that is open to minors.

Some people gamble over the phone while others play in casinos. Still others play in poker rooms or online gambling websites. Still other people gamble in slot machines, lottery games, bingo, air-raid passes, etc. Whatever the methods, it is important to understand that online gambling involves gaming money that cannot be replaced.

To start with, gamblers play either in a virtual casino or in a real one. Virtual casinos involve playing cards, video poker, roulette, craps, etc., whereas live casinos involve playing blackjack, poker, bingo, etc. The only thing that card games may not offer is slots, although you will find a lot of slots in card games.

The next aspect to understand is the difference between gambling and betting. Gambling refers to using any of your hard-earned money in hopes of winning something. On the other hand, betting on something refers to making an investment in the hope that the selected value will come true. As you can see, betting money is completely different from gambling money. Many people get confused between the two and end up with a lot of debts, while some gamblers never make any investment at all.

If you feel that you have developed a problem with gambling, you must seek help from qualified professionals. A licensed physician specializing in addiction can help you recognize whether gambling addiction is present in your case and how to treat it. Addiction specialists are experts in the treatment of various gambling addictions, including alcohol, drug abuse, alcoholism, prescription medications and gambling. The support of a specialist will be very helpful in treating a variety of problems related to gambling, and can help you lead a normal life once again.